Surgical Instrument Repair
The experts in our Instrument Repair Department have nearly 50 years combined experience in repairing and sharpening surgical instruments.   Our Master Instrument Repair Specialist maintains the highest standard of consistent quality in the handling of every instrument we receive.

We repair and sharpen hand-held surgical instruments for all manufacturers and most specialties including General, Plastic, Dermatology, MOHS, ENT and Micro Surgery.  You can rely on us to properly repair and care for your surgical instruments.  Give us a call or send us an email for more information.
INSTRUMENT REPAIR:  Van Sickle provides superior surgical instruments and expert repair service.  We repair all hand-held surgical instruments, regardless of the manufacturer.  Every facet of our work is guaranteed.  From sharpening to reconditioning, we are committed to precision repair.  THANK YOU FOR STERIZING YOUR INSTRUMENTS BEFORE DELIVERING THEM TO US.

TOTAL RECONDITIONING:  Upon receipt, all instruments are thoroughly cleaned and evaluated.  We look for defects under magnification that are not visible to the naked eye.  Then we perform the needed service; such as replace weak screws, fractured springs or carbide inserts … sharpen, reserrate and adjust scissors … realign teeth and jaws.  Before sending instruments back to you, we also ultrasonically clean each one to remove any residual debris.

CUSTOMIZED SERVICE:  Our customized service includes color coding, personalized etching, electrosurgical instrument coating and endoscopic instrument repair.

MOBILE-ONSITE REPAIR SERVICE:  This service is provided to large facilities, such as hospitals and surgery centers.  Customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston areas can contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our mobile repair vans.  Private practices may be able to take advantage of our repair van being in your area.  Call to find out if our work schedule can accommodate you dropping off and picking up your instruments.  We’re happy to do this for you if we can.

QUICK TURN-AROUND:  When you send us your instruments for repair, each order receives priority attention.  We know you need your instruments back promptly.   Instruments are generally returned via UPS ground service.  Overnight and other expedited services are available upon request.

REPLACEMENT SERVICE:  We will make every effort to repair all of your instruments to your satisfaction.  Instruments that are beyond repair, or those that can not be repaired economically, can be conveniently replaced with new duplicate patterns at a discounted price.

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