Mark has worked as a surgical instrument specialist for over twenty-five years, and has earned a notable reputation within this industry for his honesty and integrity.  He uses his vast knowledge and experience to satisfy the particular needs of each practice or institution.  You can trust Mark to help you find what you’re looking for.

When instruments are needed for a new or existing practice, there is no charge for Mark to provide a competitive quotation if an instrument list has already been created.  This applies to both instrument sets and individual items.

If you need recommendations for instruments in your specialty field, there is a consulting fee for this service.  However, the fee will be credited when you purchase your instruments from Van Sickle.

In the event you have an instrument that has been discontinued by a different manufacturer, or is without identifying names and numbers, Mark can generally guide you to a suitable alternative. 

Mark can cross-reference most of our competitor’s instruments to provide you an equivalent Van Sickle instrument pattern.  He will recommend the Van Sickle instrument only if it meets the same specifications as the competitor’s instrument.  Otherwise, Mark will discuss possible options with you.  If Van Sickle is unable to provide an equivalent pattern, we will make every effort to locate the product information from one of our competitors.

With regard to matching instrument patterns, Mark knows that surgical instruments not only have a specific design for function, the also have a specific feel in a surgeon’s hands.  Keeping this very important factor in mind, Mark maintains consistent specifications with our instrument patterns.  You can depend upon this consistency from one instrument order to the next.

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